How To Lose Stubborn Fat Without Surgical Scars

Even in a time of quarantine, many people are looking ahead to the summer months and trying to get in shape for them. While eating right and exercise can do a lot to get you into shape, it's not uncommon for people to have fat patches that they're not happy with and can't seem to get rid of. If this is a problem you're having now or just want to be prepared if it does happen to you, you may have looked into cosmetic procedures for help. Unfortunately, most of them require surgery, which comes with a lot of pain, recovery time, and potential surgical scars. But surgery isn't the only method anymore. Here's what you can do to get help without all these downsides.


A new method of breaking down unwanted fat is called CoolSculpting. It's quickly becoming very popular with people for its way of getting rid of unwanted fat totally naturally while also avoiding unwanted scars, recovery downtime, and pain.

What Sets it Apart

Unlike liposuction, which requires creating an incision and then repeatedly jabbing a liposuction wand into the body to remove fat, CoolSculpting does everything from the outside. There's nothing invasive, no incisions, and no cuts made to the skin.

CoolSculpting accomplishes its results by rapidly chilling the area that you want to get rid of fat in. When it does this, the fat cells start to die right away. Your skin and muscle are safe, as they can tolerate colder temperatures than fat. With treatment, you can eliminate fat patches that you don't want to have and even spot treat the body to get the perfect appearance you're looking for.

What to Expect

CoolSculpting is a very easy process to go through. After an initial consultation, you'll be taken to a treatment room where you'll disrobe and put on a surgical gown.

From there, your treatment professional will enter the room and get to work. The CoolSculpting device will be placed over the area of the body that you want to have trimmed down. You'll feel an extreme cold on a targeted area that may chill you a bit, but should otherwise be comfortable. This process may continue for half an hour or more depending on the composition of your body.

From there, the CoolSculpting device will be moved to any other areas that you want treated. Once the treatment is complete, you're free to go and can even immediately return to work if you want to.

CoolSculpting doesn't provide immediate results, but that's because it's a totally natural process. What happens after the fat cells die is that the body's own immune system will gradually start to carry away and break the fat cells down. This means that as the weeks roll by you'll start to notice a distinct thinning in the areas that were treated. By the end of your treatment time, you should be much happier with the way that your body looks.

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How To Lose Stubborn Fat Without Surgical Scars
17 April 2020
Even in a time of quarantine, many people are looking ahead to the summer months and trying to get in shape for them. While eating right and exercise